Full Name: Mia Scott

Full Name: Scotty

Date Of Birth: 02-Jun-2003

Hometown: Shildon

Gym Club: South Durham

Coach(es): Rachel Wright & Nicola Preston

Top Honours:
Junior GB Squad 2017-2019
Senior England Squad 2019-2020

Social Media Links:

Facebook - Mia Scott

Instagram - miascott.x

Mia Scott

Inspiration(s) and why: Aly Raisman & Maddison Kocian
Through hard work and determination, both Aly and Maddison achieved incredible results within gymnastics whilst always showing their love for the sport.

Top Advice: Always give 110% and go the extra mile to give yourself the best chance at success.

Top Achievement(s):
Senior British Team Bronze
Olympic Hopes Team GB 2nd
Leverkusen Cup Team England 2nd
Rushmoore Rose bowl Team GB 2nd

Favourite Discipline: Bars

How I Relax: Chilling at home watching Netflix and having baths.

Likes: Baking, shopping & spending time with my friends

Dislikes: Being Cold

Pet Hates: Loud eating

Pet(s): Cat called Skye. Aged 5

Funniest Gymnastics moment: When I did a 1 & 1/2 punch to my face on the track

My inspirational quote: "Always work hard and never give up, you might be surprised at how far dedication and determination can take you!"

Products I love from Gymnastics Express: I love Gymnastics Express Panda Paws, Pro Loops and Wristbands. My Favourite Rainbow Range colours are Lilac Myst and Neptune Shimmer

What I love about Gymnastics Express: I love everything about Gymnastics Express, They are very supportive and helpful whenever I need anything.