Reisport High Bar Guards


Designed for power and airborne artistry

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In the course of performing giant swings, spectacular aerial releases and dismounts, it’s good to know that Reisport High Bar Guards are there to provide outstanding grip and flex.

Suitable for all levels of male gymnast, these hard wearing and popular Swiss-made guards will deliver everything you need to perform exciting, eye catching elements in your routine.

  • Made from carefully selected premium leathers
  • Kind on the wrists, helping prevent blisters and callouses
  • Available with Velcro or buckle fastening

Tip: To fit Reisport High Bar Guards correctly, measure from your wrist to the tip of your middle finger.

If you are looking for extra strength, check out Reisport “Protec Reinforced” It’s made from leather laminate - triple the strength of ordinary leather. Please note:“Protec Reinforced” is only stocked in the larger sizes.

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