Lycra Handguard Pouch


Stunning Sparkly, Stretchy, Leotard-style Pouches for Your Handguards

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These gorgeous and glamorous lycra handguard pouches are the perfect place to store your grips.

Not only do these pouches look fabulous, they help keep your handguards safe and secure in the gym.

Made from bright coloured, sparkly, stretchy, "shine Lycra" material, they look sensational under the gymnasium lights.

  • High quality materials and design
  • 26 X 21 cm - the perfect size for handguards and gym accessories
  • A range of six beautiful colour choices to choose from
  • Breathable material helps prevent your handguards from becoming unhygienic.
  • A safe and secure housing for your handguards

An awesome choice of pouch and a perfect gift, the only question now is; "which colour do I choose?"