Smurf Gymnastics?

by The Grip Guy
Panda Monium

Hi there!

You might have seen the vendors advertising "cross fit" grips on eBay?

Boasting about how they will be "great for gymnastics"...
And they are pretty cheap too!
What's not to like?

Well, cheap isn't always best... especially if you're the gymnast relying on them!

Using the wrong kit for gymnastics risks a lack of performance, suitability and (most critically) safety. It just isn't worth trying to use the wrong tool for the wrong job.

One coach I was chatting with the other week told me a worrying story...
It would get your attention, it definitely got mine!

Seems a Mum had bought a pair of these "cross fit" gym-grips, to save two quid over those she was recommended to order from us.
I understand why... I love a bargain, I really do.
They were smart blue-leather with wacky "square finger holes".
(Because we all have square fingers, right?)

Smurf GymnastAfter only 5 minutes use, the young gymnast wearing these "smart blue-leather cross fit grips" had blue hands!
Great if you're goal is to look like some form of bizarre "Smurf gymnast"...

But, and here's the rub, (sorry), the bars went blue too!!
It took over three weeks of repeated cleaning, rubbing and use before it had gone.

Oh, and everybody else's grips went a shade of blue too! :|

Talk about spreading the blues...
(I dread to think what's in that cheap dye too).

Anyway, it horrifies me that people flog this sort of junk without a conscience!!

This was just one example of the issues with the fake/poor makes out there... often it's quality of materials, quality of stitching/manufacturing or often just inadequate after-sales care. You really shouldn't have to worry about any of this stuff, which is why we stand by our guarantee.

We have better products we'd love to supply you with... always good value, always designed for gymnastics, always fully guaranteed.

We're dying to set you up with the best kit, but we aren't dyeing to set you up with the wrong kit...

Thanks for reading,