Should I Choose Beginner or Advanced Guards?

by The Grip Guy
Should I Choose Beginner or Advanced Guards?

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Chapter Two is called: "Should I Choose Beginner or Advanced Guards?"
(You can read Chapter one here).

If a gymnast has recently started gymnastics and has been asked to get some protection for their hands, it is very likely that their coach is suggesting beginner “ Palm Guards”. Palm Guards are designed to add a second skin to the hands. They are sturdy and lightweight whilst offering protection, comfort and a confidence boost and they help to prevent blisters.

These Palm Guards are available in sizes from XS up to XL, but these are sized with children in mind (so a medium will be small compared to adult hands)! These grips are not suitable for more advanced gymnasts, they aren’t strong enough to sustain the demands of strong gymnasts performing challenging routines, but they're a great starting point.

It is possible the coach may have a preferred brand in mind, but if not, choose soft quality leather that will give protection without adding a thick layer to the gymnast’s hands. Palm guards are worn with the fingers pushed through the holes as far as they can go and can be worn by both male or female gymnasts.

Our Manique Palm Guards come in a Basic Palm Guard and a Pro Palm Guard. The Pro Palm Guards are stronger and offer higher performance (as well as thirteen different coloured straps to choose from).

Advanced Handguards, often referred to as guards, grips or dowels are full length guards going from the wrist to the fingertips. They have a rolled dowel below the finger holes to help the guards form a loop to sit over the bar. Some brands let you choose a finger hole size that specifically fits your fingers.

Created from a higher quality leather than Palm Guards, these Advanced Guards are renowned for being incredibly strong and comfortable. The leather is slightly heavier (for strength and safety) but soft and flexible for a more secure wrist fastening. These are designed with more advanced gymnasts in mind.

As mentioned in the previous section, Gymnastics Express offer “ Manique Minis” which are a beginner/intermediate handguard which bridges the gap between Palm Guards and Advanced Guards. These grips offer the shape, design and feel of an Advanced Handguard, but with materials and sizing that is designed for beginner/intermediate gymnasts.

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