Perfect Pouches

by The Grip Guy
Perfect Pouches

Hi there,

I hope you're having a wonderful week with all things gymnastics!

In this week's blog I'm really thrilled to introduce our two new Gymnastic Pouches...

We've always striven to have beautiful and interesting bags for handguards available. We call these "pouches", essentially stylish and practical bags for gym grips and accessories. These pouches help gymnasts keep their kit safe, secure and also stops that chalky mess from ending up all over the house/car .etc

The trick of course is offering something that's also pretty, well made and breathable. Why breathable? It's important that handguards and accessories that are inside the bag can have some airflow through the pouch - otherwise they become unhygienic very quickly... yeurgh!

Our first new pouch range are our fabulous "leotard style" pouches...
Leotard Style Pouches

These gorgeous pouches are made from bright coloured, sparkly, stretchy, "shine Lycra" material and they look sensational under the gymnasium lights!

They come in six stunning colours, which do you like best? :)

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Our second new pouch range is our wonderful "Nature-Friendly Cotton" Pouches

Nature Friendly Cotton Pouch

These pouches are slightly larger than the leotard style range and come in two designs, our "Manique" logo or with a "I LOVE GYMNASTICS" look.

What makes these pouches really special is that they're great for gymnasts, but brilliant for the environment too. They're made from 100% natural cotton, which is sustainable, renewable, and biodegradable; a super environmentally-friendly fibre for the product's full life-cycle.

So, whichever design you prefer, leotard-style or cotton, we've got you and your handguards a happy home at Gymnastics Express!

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By the way, we're renowned for our fast, efficient delivery - but did you know we also offer free standard delivery on all orders over £50? It's just another way we do our best to go the extra mile for you. :)