by The Grip Guy
Panda Monium

In this week's Grip Guy blog, I thought I'd talk a little about our fab "Panda Paws"...

I sometimes get asked "will Panda Paws cure sore and painful wrist injuries?"...

I'm an engineer not a doctor...
So, the thing to do is to ask your coach, physio or doctor about your sore wrists first.

Where Panda Paws come into their own is when a professional advises: "continue training but do it carefully and be light on the joints". Panda Paws offer the perfect support required in this scenario!!

Our soft leather Panda Paws are designed to take excess pressure off the joint in the wrist, by restricting how far the wrist bends. They are great at helping injured gymnasts regain confidence, as it helps knowing you won't be over-straining a joint.

Panda Paw Logo

Panda Paws come with little pockets on the back of the hand. These pockets are to house the Panda Paw "Density inserts", a range of which come with the Panda Paws. The range of different Density Inserts gives you a variety of different options when choosing how much support you require.

The principle is that if you only want light wrist support, you either put nothing inside the pocket or you put in the soft foam. If looking for more support, you slide in the denser polypropylene strips, or a combination of both to suit your needs.

It is possible to order replacement "Density Inserts" here. This is useful if you ever lose one, or one wears out.

Why are they called "Panda Paws"? When I first designed and launched these back in 1985 they were black and white. While I liked this look, over the years it became clear that coaches preferred grey and tan colours, which are more suitable to competition use than any bright or extremely bold colours.

Panda Paws

Since 1985 many other companies have copied our design, calling their products all manner of different names...

We regularly look into these imitation products and can honestly tell you there's nothing else out there of a comparable quality. In fact we're horrified by some of the fake and poor quality makes that are out there.
We've even been made aware recently that one firm is selling fake Panda Paws... even calling them "Panda Paws"!!
That's like me brewing up some black fizzy concoction and passing it off as "Coca Cola"... Shocking what some companies will get up to. Rest assured, if you buy from Gymnastics Express, you're getting a genuine, top quality product (covered by our guarantee).

It's worth noting that we only sell Panda Paws in pairs... this is because even if you only require support on one hand, it's important to be correctly balanced so that your conditioning is even. With this in mind you shouldn't wear just one, you should wear one on both hands at the same time.

We have had lots of praise for these and many successes where gymnasts get back to fitness.

So, professional medical advice first - then if conditions are right, the Panda Paws will do their magic!
You can find out more about Manique Panda Paws here.

It's important to point out that no Pandas are harmed in the making of Panda Paws!!

Thanks for reading,