What are the Best Gymnastics Grips to Buy?

by The Grip Guy
What are the best gymnastics grips to buy?


I'm often asked questions such as:

"which gymnastics grips are the best?"...

"what is the best handguard brand?"

"which gymnastic gloves should I buy?"

However it's phrased, it's always the same essential question, and it's important!

How Long Will My Gymnastics Grips Last?

by The Grip Guy
How Long Will My Gymnastics Grips Last

Hi there,

One of the questions I'm often asked is "how long will my gymnastics hand guards last?"

NOW, that is a tough question!!

How long your grips last depends on a number of factors, such as;

Horrible Halloween Competition!

by The Grip Guy
Horrible Halloween Competition

Hey there,

It's all feeling a little spooooooooooooky here at Gymnastics Express HQ...
We have bonkers bats swooping about (literally, we have a family of 'em next door to the office) and the office wolves (pups) are eyeing up the pumpkins (they already love carrot - who'd have thought it?).

Gymnastics wise, we don't really release themed products as such...

Perfect Pouches

by The Grip Guy
Perfect Pouches

Hi there,

I hope you're having a wonderful week with all things gymnastics!

In this week's blog I'm really thrilled to introduce our two new Gymnastic Pouches...

We've always striven to have beautiful and interesting bags for handguards available.

Basic but Beautiful...

by The Grip Guy
Beautiful but Basic

Hi Gymnastic Peeps,

In this week's blog I'm really thrilled to introduce our new "Manique Basic" handguard...

Smurf Gymnastics?

by The Grip Guy
Panda Monium

Hi there!

You might have seen the vendors advertising "cross fit" grips on eBay?

Boasting about how they will be "great for gymnastics"...


by The Grip Guy
Panda Monium

In this week's Grip Guy blog, I thought I'd talk a little about our fab "Panda Paws"...

Avoid Awful Customer Service!

by The Grip Guy
Avoid Awful Customer Service

Hi, in this week's blog I wanted to underline the importance of good customer service... no, scratch that - GREAT customer service!!

Get Squashing!!

by The Grip Guy
Gymnasts Get Squashing

As I travel around the country visiting gyms and meeting coaches, there is one secret I pass on that regularly impresses everyone...

Lets be Sociable! ☎️

by The Grip Guy
Let's Be Sociable

Here at Gymnastics Express, we think it’s really important for it to be super simple for you to keep in touch with us.