How Long Will My Gymnastics Grips Last?

by The Grip Guy
How Long Will My Gymnastics Grips Last

Hi there,

One of the questions I'm often asked is "how long will my gymnastics hand guards last?"

NOW, that is a tough question!!

How long your grips last depends on a number of factors, such as;

  1. How advanced is the gymnast (i.e. how much load and strain is applied?)
  2. How often are the grips used (once a week is seven times less than every day)
  3. Which brand have you chosen? (Manique and Reisport, for example, are of a far higher quality than many brands, especially those found on eBay or from "bedroom seller" online stores).
  4. Are they looked after correctly? (i.e. they never have water applied, use Monkey Spit instead).

With all that in mind, it's actually impossible to give an accurate answer (I'd need to know all of the factors above).
For small, casual gymnasts who are just starting out, you might get well over a year from a pair. Elite gymnasts, such as the girls we support, sometimes get only a run of weeks out of them (due to their training hours and power).

It's also worth noting that as a gymnast grows, their grips stretch with them. What was once a "small" handguard, may well be a "medium" a year later. This means that when buying a new pair, they need to re-check their hand size, as a "small" will no longer be suitable, they need the new size. Your coach will be happy to assist with this, and many now choose to have one of our Manique Sizing Sets in the gym, to make sizing fast, hassle-free and accurate.

Your coach will be able to advise further, or you can always give us a ring at Gymnastics Express.

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The other day, a really interesting lady came on to explain that her daughter had been using a pair of our gymnastics hand guards, three hours a day, every day, for over three and a half years!

I was really impressed and proud. :) :) :)

I was brought back down to earth however, when the lady said she was disappointed. The Grips had "only" lasted three and a half years and could she have a new pair as a replacement please!!??

Further discussion revealed that her daughter had grown considerably in these three and a half years. She had gone from a small beginner gymnast to a larger, advanced gymnast.

We had to explain to the lady that her daughter had been extremely fortunate to have a pair last for so very long!

While we are proud of our fantastic Grips, and they have a truly amazing guarantee, they are not magic and they won't last forever...

Regularly check your Grips for wear (and the real secret is to have a second pair, worn in and on stand by).

Thanks for reading,

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