Basic but Beautiful...

by The Grip Guy
Beautiful but Basic

Hi Gymnastic Peeps,

In this week's blog I'm really thrilled to introduce our new "Manique Basic" handguard...

We have quite an extensive range of handguards already, Manique Classic (our original handguards), Manique Unique (our premium range full of advanced features which comes in both WIDE and SLIM) and even a Manique Mini range (the perfect grip for beginners!).

Well, now I'm thrilled to be able to add the "Manique Basic" to the family.

OK, so it's not the most exciting name in the world, but we've had some parents and gymnasts requesting a lower cost handguard for intermediate/casual gymnasts - the "Manique Basic" fulfils this role beautifully!

Essentially, the Basic has been designed and manufactured by our same team of in-house experts who make our Premium grips, the very best designers and engineers in the business. The materials aren't quite as expensive as our premium grips, which means that customers can benefit from the lower initial cost (although these won't be as strong and won't last as long as our top grips). They're a great option for casual gymnasts who are starting out or aren't competing at a high level.

All of that said, we'd certainly advise that more advanced gymnasts, or those competing seriously, should absolutely consider the premium materials, options and build of our Manique Unique WIDE or SLIM grips - which are the best on the market and make a real difference!

Whatever you choose, if it's MANIQUE, you know you're onto a winner!

Thanks for reading,