Avoid Awful Customer Service!

by The Grip Guy
Avoid Awful Customer Service

Hi, in this week's blog I wanted to underline the importance of good customer service... no, scratch that - GREAT customer service!!

I recently received a call from a lady with an urgent problem...

She had ordered some grips and they had not arrived when they were promised to!

This seemed highly unusual to us, we're renowned for being fast, efficent and exceeding expectations.
Upon investigating further, it turned out she had ordered from another company.

She had waited absolutely ages, phoned up repeatedly and never received an answer. :(
Now, being really fed up, she wanted to cancel that order but couldn't get through!

Were we able to supply her urgently with new grips for her daughter? We promised to help.
We spent some time discussing her needs and it transpired she was far better off with our Manique Palm Guards anyway. Nobody else supplies these superior grips (we manufacture them).

She ordered them from us and we rang her the next day, to check they had arrived and all was well.

What's the point of me telling you this?

I don't like negative stories so if I tell you why we are in business you'll probably understand.

As one of our customers, our guarantee to you is:
  • We will supply you with the best quality and value gym products we can make or source.
  • Outstanding customer service and support.
  • A fantastic guarantee on everything we sell, to back up the above.

You see anyone can make promises, but delivering on them is what matters. There's never been more places to buy gymnastics equipment, but we know customers avoid eBay, Amazon marketplace sellers and "bedroom-seller" online shops due to the risks and hassles involved with dealing with them.

We have hundreds of reviews to prove that the promises we make - we keep.

Sadly, we now know that not all companies keep their promises - because we get their customers ringing us in desperation!!

If you're ever in a jam and need our help, do get in touch - we pride ourselves on going the extra mile for our customers and genuinely caring.

Thanks for reading,