An Elite Tip to Avoid Disaster!

by The Grip Guy
An Elite Tip to Avoid Disaster

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I hope this blog post finds you doing super!

One of the issues I hear from customers, time and again, is when they call up and super-urgently require a new pair of grips! The main pair has either finally given up the ghost through use over time, or they've even been misplaced (parents, you know where I'm coming from). A customer will ask "we desperately need a new pair, as there's a competition in two days time, can you help??!!"...

Well, we're not called "Gymnastics Express" for no reason. :)

We're the one-stop-shop for gymnastics grips, that's a given, but we also have a fantastic range of postal options, everything from budget "no hurry" post, to "next day delivery"... The prices obviously vary (as we're charged this by Royal Mail/carriers), but it's great to have the choice. You can see our shipping options here.

While trying not to be a know-it-all (I'm not), I do always ask the customer why they don't have a spare pair of grips ready to go? No serious, or even intermediate, gymnast should ever only have one pair of grips. Like shoes, they take some time to wear in, and there needs to be a ready-to-go replacement pair in case the main pair fails or is misplaced.

Imagine being in a competition and suddenly not having a pair of handguards to wear, or if you do, they aren't broken in yet! How on Earth could you compete properly?? What's more, as always with these things, they do fail just at the wrong time, the day before a competition, for example!

Could you imagine Serena Williams having to forfeight a tennis tournament when a string snaps, as she only had the one racket?? Of course not.

So, while it's great to know that we offer a range of excellent delivery options (there's even a free option for orders over £50)... you'd be bonkers to not at least consider having a spare pair of grips at all times.

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